Audition Alert: The Full Monty

Get ready to go THE FULL MONTY

Pinelands Players is excited to present the stage version of The Full Monty in November 2017. The production will be directed by Laura Bosman and auditions will be held later in 2016 or early in 2017. So this is a thrilling heads-up for those who would be interested in performing in this musical that is about so much more than men taking off their pants!

full-monty-title-colorBased on the 1997 British film of the same name, this musical version is set in Buffalo, USA.  We’re sure you’re familiar with the movie and the storyline.  Six unemployed, lower working class and out-of-shape men decide to do a one-time-only striptease to outdo a touring male strip show and make some desperately needed money.  But The Full Monty is not about stripping; it’s a heart-warming story about self-worth, dignity, honesty, authenticity and courage, as these men confront their fears of inadequacy, their insecurities and their failure to provide for their families.  And it’s about the women in their lives who love them and cheer them on.

Anyone considering auditioning can be assured that any required nudity will be handled with the utmost sensitivity, respect and good taste.  Also, please note that the show contains some strong language and adult themes.

  • The cast requires 12 males, 8 females and 1 boy who can play a 12-year old.
  • Working class American accents are essential.
  • Cast members are expected to act, sing and move well, although there are some non-singing and non-dancing roles.
  • Some actors may play more than one role.
  • The principal men must be good actors who can find and express the underlying emotion in the script. They are ordinary, real guys to whom the audience can relate, and with a variety of body shapes and ages.  They must be comfortable with dancing in their underwear on stage (even in a G-string) and be prepared to bare all if needs be.  The other male roles do not require nudity.
  • The principal women’s roles are critical and powerful, and they have some brilliant musical numbers. As with the men, they must be good actresses, singers and dancers.



Jerry Lukowski (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
Age:  40 – 50
Range: rock tenor.  Must have a strong controlled falsetto and should be able to sing across genres.  Strong actor. [TENOR]
Description:  A regular guy, spontaneous, fighting to maintain his pride and the custody of his only son.
Physical requirements: not bad-looking and with a ‘nice rear’, as referenced in the script.

Dave Bukatinsky (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
Age:  30 – 40
Range: lyric tenor with strong falsetto. [TENOR]
Description:  Dave is Jerry’s best friend and has a big heart, but he is very self-conscious about his excess body weight and struggles with self-esteem issues.  He is lovable and more a follower than a leader.
Physical requirements:  somewhat overweight.

Harold Nichols (an unemployed supervisor at the mill) – Lead role
Age:  35 – 60
Range: high baritone/tenor. [BARITONE]
Description:  He dotes on his wife and hides from her the fact that he’s been unemployed for the last 6 months.  His dancing skills make him the group’s choreographer.

Ethan Girard (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
Age:  25 – 40
Range: high baritone/tenor. [TENOR]
Description:  Energetic and enthusiastic but not with the strongest intellect, Ethan is a determined optimist regardless of his unemployment problems, loneliness and regular failed attempts to copy the wall-walking scene from ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’

Malcolm MacGregor (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
Age:  25 – 40
Range: high tenor, smooth falsetto. [TENOR]
Description:  Sweet and sincere, Malcolm is a shy, gay man who is coddled by his mother and has few friends.  He is rescued from a suicide attempt, but his self-esteem grows around his new companions.

Noah “Horse” T. Simmons (a retired mill worker) – Lead role
Age: 50 +
Range: baritone/tenor.
Description:  He was a good mover back in the day.  Sings and dances the brilliant number, ‘Big Black Man.’
Physical requirements:  black man.


Nathan Lukowski (Jerry and Pam’s son) – Supporting role
Age:  12
Description:  Wise for his age.  Stoic, sincere and charming; loves his dad but knows he sometimes has to play the father.  In the show he sees and hears adult-themed content and says “f**k” once.

Teddy Slaughter (Pam’s live-in boyfriend) – Supporting role
Age:  35 – 55
Description:  Quite the opposite of Jerry, he is clean-cut and well-off.

Buddy ‘Keno’ Walsh (a male stripper) – Supporting role
Age:  21 – 32
Description:  He opens the show with a striptease for the women.
Physical requirements:  good body and moves well.

Reg Willoughby (union leader) – Supporting role [FEATURED]
Tony Giordano (club owner) – Supporting role
Ages:  20 – 50
May double in other roles.


Pam Lukowski (Jerry’s estranged wife) – Supporting role
Age:  30 – 40
Range:  Alto.  Broad mezzo with belt. [MEZZO-SOPRANO]
Description:  She wants Jerry to be an active father and wants him to succeed, but has strong reservations.

Georgie Bukatinsky (Dave’s wife) – Supporting role
Age:  30 – 40
Range:  High alto/broad mezzo belter. [MEZZO-SOPRANO]
Description:  She loves her husband and worries about him.  She is exuberant, warm and down-to-earth; an extrovert who is the leader of her group of girlfriends.

Vicki Nichols (Harold’s wife) – Supporting role
Age:  30 – 55
Range: high alto/broad mezzo belter. [MEZZO-SOPRANO]
Description:  She is classy and energetic, and loves to dress up and travel but is still one of the girls.  She adores and understands her husband.

Jeannette Burmeister (a piano player) – Supporting role
Age:   … of indeterminate years …
Range:  low alto belter. [ALTO]
Description:  A sassy, showbiz veteran with a smoky voice who has been there and done that, and has the scars and stories to tell.  She’s so keen to get involved that she brings her own piano.

Estelle Genovese (Jerry’s occasional girlfriend) – Supporting role [ALTO]
Susan Hershey (a friend of Pam and Georgie’s) – Supporting role [ALTO]
Joanie Lish (a friend of Pam and Georgie’s) – Supporting role [ALTO]
Dolores (doubles as Molly MacGregor, Malcolm’s aged and ailing mother) – Supporting role
Ages:  20 – 60
May double in other roles.

Possible venues for the production are the Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest or the Artscape Arena.  If you are interested and would like to put your name down for consideration or be sent further audition details as they become available, please email Laura at

Drop absolutely everything to be part of this phenomenal experience!


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One Response to Audition Alert: The Full Monty

  1. Graham Stabler says:

    I’m Interested!!! voice range .however have sang Base & Baritone.. ..Some work required re an American accent . ?
    Happy swearing hehe….if I can be put in the mix for an Audition would be great….!!!!
    .. No body stress….haha

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