Audition Announcement!

Pinelands Players will present The Full Monty at The Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest from the 11th to the 25th of November 2017.  Congratulations on making a choice to audition for this show.  It’s going to be a fabulous experience; a great show and lots of fun too!

full-monty-title-colorSOME POINTS TO CONSIDER:

  1. Rehearsals will commence in July: twice a week and once on the weekend. This will increase as we get nearer to opening.
  2. The show will be directed and choreographed by Laura Bosman, musically directed by Barend van der Westhuizen and stage managed by Philippa van Ryneveld. The rest of the production team will be confirmed once the show has been cast.
  3. We will be setting the show in Sheffield, England, and British accents will be a requirement. For the auditions, any British accent from any part of England will do.  However, it is also not a train smash if you cannot do a British accent for the auditions, as long as you show potential to be able to learn one.  Please note that the show contains some strong language and adult themes.
  4. We will be including the songs Hot Stuff and Leave Your Hat On as part of the show.
  5. The cast requires 12 males, 8 females and 1 boy who can play 13-15 years old. Some of the ensemble members may play more than one role.
  6. This is a show for both men AND women. Although the movie neglects the women significantly, the stage show is quite different and there are some meaty, powerful and crucial roles for women of all ages with brilliant solo and group singing numbers.
  7. Age range and racial ethnicity of the characters are a guide only. If a certain character appeals to you and you believe that you have the ability to perform it well, please do not let either stop you from auditioning.  Casting will very much depend on who auditions and who can best support the role vocally and physically.
  8. This is a musical which requires singing, dancing and acting. However, above all, excellent acting skills are essential.  The Full Monty deals with very real and heartfelt emotional issues which require a genuine acting approach.  Do not be put off if you’re not the best singer, but you can really carry the acting and dancing.  Come to the auditions anyway.  The same with the dancing and singing.  Please also note that there are some non-singing, non-dancing roles.
  9. The final scene in The Full Monty contains full frontal nudity, backlit carefully so as to avoid any audience members seeing any “hot stuff”!  Men auditioning for one of the 6 main roles do need to be comfortable enough with their bodies to strip down in this scene.  Bear in mind that we are looking for men of all ages, shapes and sizes – preferably NOT Greek gods – in order to carry the roles successfully and realistically.  With regards to all and any nudity in the show, please be assured that the rehearsing and staging of it will be handled sensitively and carefully.  There will be no nudity required at the auditions.

This musical stage version is based on the 1997 British film of the same name.  Six unemployed, lower working class and out-of-shape men decide to do a one-time-only striptease to outdo a touring male strip show and make some desperately needed money. But The Full Monty is not about men taking off their pants; it’s about self-worth, dignity, honesty, authenticity and courage as these men confront their fears of inadequacy, their insecurities and their failure to provide for their families.  And it’s about the women in their lives who love them and cheer them on.

Read more and find a full list of the songs here.


  1. Auditions will be held on Sunday 29 January 2017 at The Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest. Callbacks will be held on Sunday 5 February.
  2. To book your audition slot, please email Please indicate which character/characters you are keen to audition for.  Further details will be sent to you along with your time slot.
  3. Please prepare the song(s) indicated for each character.  The sheet music for the song(s) will be sent to you along with copies of the dialogue for the auditions once you have confirmed your time slot.


Jerry Lukowski (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
35 – 45
Range: Rock tenor. Must have a strong controlled falsetto and should be able to sing across genres. Strong actor.
Description: A regular guy, spontaneous, tough, cocky, with an excellent sense of humour. He is fighting to maintain his pride and the custody of his only son.
Physical requirements: Not bad-looking and with a ‘nice rear’, as referenced in the script.
What to prepare: Man and Breeze Off The River – dialogue to follow.

Dave Bukatinsky (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
 35 – 50
Range: Lyric tenor with strong falsetto.
Description:  Dave is Jerry’s best friend and has a big heart, but he is very self-conscious about his excess body weight and struggles with self-esteem issues. He is lovable and more a follower than a leader.
Physical requirements: Rather overweight.
What to prepare: Man and You Rule my World  – dialogue to follow.

Harold Nichols (an unemployed supervisor at the mill) – Lead role
35 – 60
Range: High baritone/tenor.
Description: He is slightly older and more authoritative than Jerry and Dave, a stuffed-shirt cynic. He dotes on his wife and hides from her the fact that he’s been unemployed for the last 6 months. His dancing skills make him the group’s choreographer.
What to prepare: You Rule my World – dialogue to follow.

Ethan Girard (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
Age:  25 – 45
Range: Baritone/tenor.
Description: Ethan is a determined optimist regardless of his unemployment problems, loneliness and regular failed attempts to copy the wall-walking scene from Singin’ in the Rain. He is energetic and enthusiastic, but does not possess the strongest intellect.
Physical requirements: Preferably slim, with an athletic build (but not essential).
What to prepare: You Walk With Me – dialogue to follow.

Malcolm MacGregor (an unemployed mill worker) – Lead role
25 – 45
Range: High tenor, smooth falsetto.
Description: Sweet and sincere, Malcolm is a shy, gay man who is coddled by his mother and has few friends. He is rescued from a suicide attempt, and his self-esteem grows around his new companions.
What to prepare: Big Ass Rock and You Walk with Me – dialogue to follow.

Noah “Horse” T. Simmons (a retired mill worker) – Lead role
35 +
Range: Baritone/tenor.
Description: He was a good mover back in the day.  Sings and dances the brilliant number, Big Black Man.
Physical requirements: Black man.
What to prepare: Big Black Man – dialogue to follow.

Nathan Lukowski (Jerry and Pam’s son) – Supporting role
 Must be able to play anywhere between 13 and 15.
Description: Wise for his age. Stoic, sincere and charming; loves his dad but knows he sometimes has to play the father. In the show he sees and hears adult-themed content and says “f**k” once.
What to prepare: Dialogue only – to follow.

The following roles may double up:
Teddy Slaughter (Pam’s live-in boyfriend) – Supporting role
35 – 55
Description: Quite the opposite of Jerry, he is clean-cut and well-off.
What to prepare: Scrap – dialogue to follow.

Buddy ‘Keno’ Walsh (a male stripper) – Supporting role
21 – 35
Description: He opens the show with a striptease for the women. No full frontal nudity.
Physical requirements: Good body and moves well.
What to prepare: Scrap – dialogue to follow.

Reg Willoughby (union leader) – Supporting role
30 – 55
What to prepare: Scrap – dialogue to follow.

Tony Giordano (club owner) – Supporting role
20 – 50
What to prepare: Scrap – dialogue to follow.

Pam Lukowski (Jerry’s estranged wife) – Supporting role
30 – 45
Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter.
Description: She wants Jerry to be an active father and wants him to succeed, but has strong reservations. A strong, firm woman with a very big heart.
What to prepare: The Goods – dialogue to follow.

Georgie Bukatinsky (Dave’s wife) – Supporting role
 30 – 45
Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter.
Description: She loves her husband and worries about him. She is exuberant, warm and down-to-earth; an extrovert who is the leader of her group of girlfriends.
What to prepare: It’s a Woman’s World and You Rule My World (reprise) – dialogue to follow.

Vicki Nichols (Harold’s wife) – Supporting role
30 – 55
Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter.
Description: She is classy and energetic, and loves to dress up and travel but is still one of the girls. She adores and understands her husband.
What to prepare: Life with Harold and You Rule My World (reprise) – dialogue to follow.

Jeannette Burmeister (a piano player) – Supporting role
“Of indeterminate years” but preferably with a been-around-the-block look.
Range: Low alto belter.
Description: A sassy, showbiz veteran with a smoky voice who has been there and done that, and has the scars and stories to tell. She’s so keen to get involved that she brings her own piano. An excellent actress required.
What to prepare: Jeanette’s Showbiz Number – dialogue to follow.

The following roles may double up:
Estelle Genovese (Jerry’s occasional girlfriend) – Supporting role
25 – 35
Range: Alto.
Description: Bold, brassy, sexy, slightly insensitive.
What to prepare: It’s a Woman’s World – dialogue to follow.

Susan Hershey (a friend of Pam and Georgie’s) – Supporting role
Age: 30 – 45
Range: Alto.
What to prepare: It’s a Woman’s World – dialogue to follow.

Joanie Lish (a friend of Pam and Georgie’s) – Supporting role
Age: 30 – 45
Range: Alto.
What to prepare: It’s a Woman’s World – dialogue to follow. 

Molly MacGregor (Malcolm’s aged and ailing mother) – Supporting role
60 – 70.
Non-singing role – dialogue to follow.

Send that email and book your audition slot now!

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