Game of Names: June Supper Theatre

Pinelands Players is excited to be presenting another of their ever-popular supper theatre productions at the Pinelands Town Hall. This year Kyla Thorburn has conceptualised a clever game show centred around pop music over the eras.

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Each song chosen for the show features a name, hence the catchy title of the production, and covers the late 1950s to the present. And every performance holds surprises, not only for the audience but the cast as well. The song selection comes down to the spin of the wheel and the ensuing lucky dip into an appropriate box of categories. Whatever comes out, must be performed!

The cast is divided into two teams – the male Mars team and female Venus team – competing for the prized status of Winning Team at each performance. Each song, including solos, duets, and group numbers, that is selected and performed carries a certain amount of points and the Game Show Host will be keeping score, encouraging the audience, and preventing any cheeky cheating tactics the teams might employ.

The Venus team is made up of Melissa Sanderson, Tanya March, Lindsay Kruger, Shayni Pappin, and Uta Higgs, while the Mars team features Barend van der Westhuizen, Louis Fourie, Bruce Clayton, Lyle Wilson, and Chris Laurie. Kyla Thorburn is directing this fun-filled package of entertainment, Bronwyn Harvey is taking charge of musical direction, and Andrew Weiss will be keeping the audience (and cast) under control as the Game Show Host.

GON Cast.jpg

Other than the half-priced preview on 8 June, all performances include a delicious light meal which is served an hour before the show begins. Arrive a little earlier, settle in at your table, pay a visit to the cash bar, and get ready for an evening (or afternoon) filled with fun, laughs, toe-tapping music, great singing, and loads of entertainment.

Performances take place at 20h00 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and also at 14h00 on Sundays for an enjoyable wintry lunchtime. Tickets are priced at R120 per person for 9 to 11 June and 15 to 18 June. The preview on 8 June is priced at R60 per person. Book a table of 10 and pay in advance for a 10% discount on your ticket price!

So grab a group of friends or join a table for some superb entertainment. You’re sure to be tapping your feet and singing along!

Bookings can be done online, via email or by calling 062 783 2370

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