The Grand Opening 2012


  • Venue: Pinelands Town Hall
  • Style: Candlelight supper theatre.
  • Menu: Chinese & Christmas pies.
  • Writer, director, set design, props: June Wells
  • Musical director: Victor Tichardt
  • Choreography: Keenan Oliphant
  • Sound: Glyn Fogell
  • Band: Victor Tichard, Schalk Wasserman & Johan Botha
  • Stage manager: Louis de Kock
  • Technical team: Tara McPherson, Mechiel Boshof, Erin McPherson
  • Production Manager: Tina Gough
  • Awards: Certificate of excellence – Chenara Fenton for “Second hand white baby grand”
  • Cast:
    • Nigel Stevenson:  Charlie
    • Chris Laurie:  Mac, Charlie’s best friend.
    • Tanya March: Maria, Charlie’s long suffering wife.
    • Chenara Fenton: Patricia, Charlie’s oldest daughter.
    • Deirdre Scodeller: Naomi, Charlie’s youngest daughter.
    • Greg Tinney: Stan, Naomi’s husband.
    • Jacque du Toit: Arnold, Charlie’s son.
    • Erika Marais: Simone, long time friend of Charlie & Maria.
    • Adrian de Lollo: Simon, Naomi’s wife.
    • Elizabeth Stevenson: Brittany, daughter of Naomi & Stan.
    • Shaun Browne & Graham Boxall – voice overs.


Greg Tinney

Greg Tinney

Greg Tinney (Stan): Being part of the Grand Opening family, both on and off stage, was fantastic. We had such fun together. Playing Stan in the clown outfit was great. He was such a normal husband and father with such grand plans to make it on stage! At least Stan got to sing some awesome songs and be part of the Grand experience. Such a special time for me as an actor to be involved with this crazy group of people!


Chris Laurie

Chris Laurie

Chris Laurie (Mac): Doing a magic act, gone wrong, was a hilarious experience. This was a real fun show to do in more ways that I could imagine. The awkward on-stage family was a convivial one in rehearsal and off stage. Some costume changes felt very rushed, but I made it with (almost) all my costume and props onto the stage in time. Making the hat with my daughter Zara made it special for me.

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