The Melodramas 2013


  • Venue: Pinelands Town Hall
  • Director: Roché Buckle
  • Run dates: 21 May 2013 until  1 June 2013 at the Pinelands Town Hall.
  • Style: Candlelight supper theatre.
  • Cast:
    • Glyn Fogel – The Drunkard’s Dilemma
    • Blair McDougall – The Drunkard’s Dilemma
    • Waldo Buckle – The Drunkard’s Dilemma
    • James Maritz – The Drunkard’s Dilemma
    • Allana Aldridge – Murder in the Red Barn
    • Graham Leverton – Murder in the Red Barn
    • Shaun Browne – The Wages of Sin
    • Kim Randleff-Rasmussen – The Wages of Sin
    • Jacqui Bloomer – The Wages of Sin
    • Chris Laurie – The Wages of Sin

Be Over the top and Larger than life…

Melodrama is a bit like a pantomime without the songs – the audience is encouraged to interact with the performance – boo/hiss the villain (soft missiles may be available), cheer the hero and heroine and gasp (loudly) at the incredible turn the plot has taken and what that may imply for the characters. It is like live soap opera with damsels in distress, arch villains and dashing heroes that saves the day. Watch out for actors taking curtain calls after there demise.

Auditions are now complete and what a lot of fun it was. The actors enjoyed reading the small plays in which some of the most grotesque events played itself out. It was funny, very funny. This is going to be very entertaining, something a little different for a change.


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